Statement summer makeup looks




17th May

Seen as though there’s been a heat wave over here in the UK, it is getting everyone in the summer feeling, including me! Looking gorgeous and fresh during the summer is essential. So here is just 10 easy and simple tips you need to know for summer!

1. Beach waves: beach waves are totally in this summer and dead easy to re-create. Leaving your hair to air dry is a start, then taking a texturing or plumping spray will leave your hair looking natural, healthy and beautiful! I love the Victoria secret beach hair wave spray $12.

2. Summer scents: during summer it’s great to smell lush! Summer scents include floral and citrus smells. Either perfumes or body sprays are great to be used. Body sprays giving a more lighter scent and perfume giving a stronger scent. I love many of the Victoria secret body sprays especially pure seduction and mango temptation £13.

3. Lighter makeup: skip heavy foundations and cream lipsticks, for a lighter textured tinted moisturiser, cream blush or tinted lip balm. Not only does this re-create the summer look but it will also improve your natural skin due to wearing less makeup. I love the Diorskin nude bb creme, bourjois creme blush and eos lip balms.

4. Glowing skin: adding shimmer to your skin changes a lot, your skin with effortlessly shine in the natural sunlight. By using a shimmer based bronzer and a liquid highlighter. I love the benefit high beam highlight for delivering beautiful glowing skin during the summer.

5. Go smudge proof: go smudge proof with switching your eye makeup to waterproof. Waterproof eyeliner, shadow and mascara preventing running or smearing in the heat. Vibrant colours on the eyes also look great in the summer!

6. Natural & sun kissed: if your trying to achieve a natural sun kissed look on your face this summer, try bronzing gel. It warms as a great lightweight bronzing layer deliver your skin to glow in the sunlight. Try Laura Mercier bronzing gel $32 it is my essential for summer, plus it stays out all day!

7. Floral nails: personally I think floral nails look beautiful for summer time. Just 1 simple flower on each ring finger looks so effective. Colours varying for vibrant neons to pale pastels, I think all are great for a floral design.You can make your nails look great whether big flowers, small flowers, 1 flower or 3 flowers. My favourite gel brand is Gelish and for just ordinary nail polish I love Essie!

8. Hair accessories: by just adding a little accessories to your hair it can really make a difference. During summer you can add, lace headbands, bows, feather extensions, hair chalk and many more. All mostly inexpensive.
I love many products in accessorise and Topshop.

9. Clear those pimples: no one likes spots and pimples throughout the summer when you’re wearing less makeup. Clay helps to draw out impurities in the skin. Therefore dabbing a clay mask on your imperfections, letting it to dry then removing it with warm water will help achieve clear skin.

10. What is more important that maintaining a healthy white glowing smile?
Salt acts as a natural whitener, and encourages the body to keep your gums healthy and clean. The salt toothpaste from Weleda will help you to achieve a big white smile for summer.

It’s all about the brows!

Weather big, bushy, blackened, or bleached, the humble brow has had quite an image overhaul! To recreate couldn’t be easier, honestly give it ago, you’d be surprised at what difference a strong brow can make! Defined brows add frame to your face and accentuate your eyes, a strong brow is most definitely hot this season!

When it comes to shaping your brows it is definitely is not easy. Before you even think about it, do not use a razor! I found that out the hard way. I guarantee you going to a salon is the best way. Your can go from plucking, to waxing, or threading. All three are great ways for getting rid of unwanted hair.

Size is big this season but personally I think some brows look great even when they aren’t big.I think filling in your brows give a more defined and structured shape to your face and it looks great! If your a Blondie out there and finding it hard to get the right product for filling in your brows here’s just a few that may help you!
‘Omega’ eyeshadow from M.A.C-£12.50
– a great all round highly pigmented powder, allowing easy application with a brush. A great brush to use is the 266 small angle brush also from mac.
If you find filling in your brows with a pencil easier the ‘Anastasia brow wiz’ is a fantastic product available in 9 shades so you are guaranteed a colour to match the shade of blonde your brows are. Available for $21

Moving on, if you are a brunette like me here’s a couple of products that will ensure your brows are looking hot this season.
I use ‘mystery’ eyeshadow from Mac, this is the same as ‘omega’ just in a different shade. Mac eyeshadows range from all different colours from really light to really dark and also textures from Matt, to shine to glitter!
The Anastasia brow wiz comes in brown shades too!
I really love the benefit ‘brow zings’ brow shaping compact. This product includes a large mirror, mini tweezers and mini brushes. It is a great brow product including a powder and wax to ensure your brows stay neat and tidy! Get this product for £24.50

Lastly if you want to keep your bushy and untameable brows kept in place throughout the long days there are a few gels I’d like to include that I personally love!
The ‘Maybelline brow drama’ sculpting brow mascara is my far my favourite brow finish, ensuring no streaks and no clumps, and deliver a natural soft look to the brow. This product is tinted and comes in shades matching your personal hair colour. Available in boots for £4.99
Clear mascara is always a great budget alternative. Many low end brands sell clear mascaras, they’re always available!
Then The ‘benefit speed brow’. I love this gel as the applicator is so small and ensures a perfect even and neat brow. This gel adds texture and makes sure your brows stay in place all day! Purchase from Debenhams for £13.

If you believe it’s all about the brows and are wanting to achieve a strong brow, I hope some of the products I have mentioned will help you find your own perfect suited product!

April 28th

Today I made my way to a few local shops near where I live.I enjoyed buying products from nails to makeup to skincare and these are just a few products I purchased that I’d like to share with you!

I recently made my my second purchase of the ‘baby lips lip balm’ in the colour ‘cherry me’. Ever since Maybelline brought these gorgeous editions I have been in absolute love with them. The greatness of them for me is the beautiful cherry coloured tint they deliver and 8 hour hydration which leaves my lips feeling super smooth and soft! Not only that, but SPF 20 too!They literally leave your lips feeling like baby skin! Baby lips also sell in multiple flavours from a popping pink ( pink punch) to unscented balms (quenched) all delivering full hydration throughout the long days.If you haven’t already tried these delicious products,they are all available in Boots for £2.99.

I have heard great stuff about the ‘Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream’ and it seemed to be the last resort for resolving my dry patches around my nose.i always was drawn to buying this product but the price always discouraged me. Today, while I was skimming through the beauty section in TKMax I was delighted to find the 8 hour cream duo for an amazing price at just £12.99, the original price being £26. Who doesn’t love a bargin? This multi use product can be used for areas from chapped lips, to dry skin, highlighting cheekbones and shaping eyebrows. I really love how fantastically this cream works at repairing your skin. Find this product in TKMax or any Elizabeth Arden counter or store.

While I was browsing in the beauty section I also picked up the ‘Organic Wear 2 in 1 blush bronzer’. Seen as though it is 100% organic, unfortunately it does have a nasty smell, although this does not stop me using it as it leaves a gorgeous subtle glow to my skin. I love the packaging, included with a large mirror and mini brush. I must say this duo does lack in pigmentation, so those who prefer a quite intense bronzer or blush, this might not be for you. However I think it’s a great product as i love a sheer natural look. I purchased this product for a great £4.99 in TKMax, I also believe it is available on amazon for $6.99.

‘Lord&Berry’ is a completely new brand to me as I have only seen it advertised in this months makeup and fashion magazines. I have always wanted to try this brand but there has never been anywhere local where I could purchase it. Lord&berry range from eye products to lip products to face products. I think the packaging is so simplistic but stands out at the same time. As soon as I heard the whole range had been brought in stock in a nearby salon suppliers I was more than exited…

The first product I purchased from this brand was the ‘Lord&Berry Stardust eyeshadow’ in the colour ‘Rose’. This gorgeous eyeshadow pigment lightens up the eye area instantly. This shade has a beautiful seductive glitter look when pressed around the eye area. This wonderful silvery pink colour is provided with a pearly shine. I find this product great as your can control how intense or sheer you would like it depending on the amount of product you apply also it is very blend-able. These loose eyeshadows are available in multiple shades for just £7.99 from the sally salon services website.

From The Lord and Berry brand I also purchased the bronzer. This bronzer achieves a long lasting luminous look and not only that but also has great pigmentation. It is a great product achieving a sun kissed glow and the silky formulae gives a matte finish, shine free. Find this at the sally salon services website for £14.69.

Finding a great liquid liner is really hard for me, but after investing into the product my worries were over. I bought the ‘Lord&Berry liquid liner forever black’. In the past my liquid liner tips have either been the wrong shape or too big. But this liner is great it has a really thin tip enabling my to line close to my lash line and gives a precise striking finish. I’m no expert with using liquid liners but somehow I find this so easy to use. It is also Matt and for just £12.29 you can’t go wrong! Available at the Sally salon services website.

The last product I’m including in this post is my Gelish polish. I have many shades in these gel products and I super love this one. It’s called ‘wiggle fingers, wiggle thumbs’. The Gelish collection includes a range of colours that have magnetic particles in the gels so when held close to a magnet they realign to create an interesting pattern on the nail. This is a lovely deep blue with an effective sparkle shown in natural light. I love gel polish’s as they last for ages with no chips or breaks. This polish needs to cure under a uv lamp for 1 minute or an LED lamp for 30 seconds. All shades available on the Sally salon services website for £19.99.

April 26th


These are just some of the products i have been loving throughout the month of April! Including my new absolute life saver, the ‘ Garnier Miracle Skin Cream’. This product works as a little help in hand for tired and dull skin. This instant skin transformer works as a tinted moisturiser, but the miracle of it all is that it is white, which contains microcapsuales that automatically adjusts to the skin tone, delivering a natural tint of colour to the skin. I find this product really smoothes, improves and illuminates the skin throughout the day. With not only 24 hours hydration, this product also has an SPF of 20. The Miracle Skin Cream helps improve firmness, radiance and is also anti-aging! While using this product in my daily makeup routine my skin has begun to feel more refreshed and i am beginning to see daily improvements. My main love for this product is the fact that the white cream magically bursting its capsules to deliver a coloured glow to the skin. This product is now available in Boots for just £12.99.

Another product i have fallen in love with is the ‘Garnier Micellar cleansing Water’ i have tried so many face wipes and make-up removers and after buying this i have to say i am very impressed! The large 400ml bottle is a bonus for me and claims to last for 200 uses! I have only been using this product for a couple of weeks and seems to have hardly gone down. It is great for sensitive skin as i have sensitive skin myself. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue at all and is suitable for your whole face including eyes. I find this product works best before cleansing as it is great for dissolving and breaking down your makeup. I feel the best way to apply this is with a cotton pad, which ensures it to glide over your face without redness, burning or itching. It literally feels like water! This product is available in Boots for an amazing price at just £2.99!!

My next skincare favourite is the ‘Elemis balancing Lavender Toner’. I have dry to combination skin and this toner is great for balancing my skin out. After cleansing my skin i can easily apply a few spritz of this lovely smelling and calming toner to my night skincare regime. Some people find this product quite strong as Elemis may not be for everyone. Personally i love the strong scent of lavender in the product. I not only love the easy pump of this 200ml toner, but after using it i feel greatly refreshed and calm. I recently bought this product at a local beauty spa for £17.50, but i also believe it available on amazon for £17.

Buying concealers always comes tricky, but when I discovered this product I felt fully persuaded this is the best I’ve tried yet! The ‘Garnier roll on’ is a fab product as I find it sheer and moisturising. It is also a great product if you have under eye dark circles, bags or dehydrated eyes. This concealer is not just a concealer it also works as an eye cream too! This is a bonus when it comes to layering products, as with this concealer it’s a 2 in 1! If you are looking for a full coverage concealer, I wouldn’t purchase this item as the consistency is fairly runny, and also works as a BB concealer.(tinted) already after 1 week I can feel the difference under my eyes, making them feel more awake and hydrated. This concealer defiantly gives a luminous glow and really camouflages dark circles. It’s available at Boots for £10.49.

Talking of eye makeup brings me to talk about the “Maybelline 24hour colour tattoo eye shadows’ in other words pots of joy! These were a new discovery at the beginning of the month and I could not excuse them from my April favourites! I have a few colours now and I think ‘pink gold’ is the one I have been wearing most this month but I also recommend ‘on and on bronze’. They are so easy to apply, I apply them with my finger and I find it so easy with their creamy consistency. Not only do they blend gorgeously but they are extremely pigmented. ‘Pink gold’ is one of the more faint eyeshadows out of the collection but if you are a lover for bright colours there is also various bright colours too such as ‘turquoise forever’ these eyeshadows are available in boots and super drug for £4.99.

My Trish Mcevoy double decker compact is my first purchase from Trish Mcevoy and seen as though I have hit pan I defiantly will be going back to repurchase this product. This product can be custom filled with any combination of Trish eye and face colours.This compact is great for taking out with you as it consists of a large mirror for any mid day touch ups! It is also refillable, which is a huge benefit to this product. This product is available on the Trish Mcevoy website.

Lastly I’m taken on to the ‘Mac Extreme Lash Dimension Mascara’ this mascara truly does deliver big black lashes! No clumps, no flakes and no smudges! This formulae is now blacker than black pigment and is also lightweight. Length and volume is what it’s all about! Find this great product at any Mac store for £18.